Some stuff I created along the way. Feel free to download and use them for your personal pleasure. How about a cool MOS logo tee? Or, create your own browser demo and put a stylish Commodore 1984S monitor around it. Do it. And send me link so I can check it out.

Commodore 64 memory map

The memory map of all available registers and their functionality is a mandatory reference for developing on the Commodore 64. This page should look alright on mobile devices too.


Commodore vector labels

RetroPie is a great emulation machine based on the Raspberry Pi. It has full VICE support, but was missing labels for the Commodore VIC20, C16 and C128. So I made some. Feel free to use them.

Download ZIP file

MOS vector logo

I wanted to have a nice shirt with the MOS TECHNOLOGY logo on it and couldn’t find any high resolution or vector versions of it, so I made one. Feel free to use it. File contains PNG and SVG versions.

Download ZIP file

Commodore 1084S vector file

I needed a 1084S image for my demo and couldn’t find any on the web, so I made one. It is completely vector based and you can download and use it for free. Go ahead!

Download SVG file

Atari SM124 vector file

Here’s something for the Atari fans: vector versions of the famous Atari SM124 and SC1224 monitors. The zip file contains a vector file, a Photoshop file with layers and png images to integrate with your browser demo.

Download ZIP file

Vintage TV vector file

For my Ghost Town remake I decided to create a nice retro looking tv and I’m quite pleased how it turned out. You can grab the zip file containing vector and png files right here.

Download ZIP file