Ghost Town: 14/20

Two more screens are in, the one with the light bulb (easy) and the one with the nails on the ground (not so easy). I had to rethink the logic a bit to include this. All screens before had a layout where changes are permanent, but the nails keep coming back whenever the player reenters the room. The solution was easy: all rooms are stored as an additional copy that never gets changed. Whenever I need to reset a room, I just copy the original data back into the game. 

I’m hoping the changes are a solid base for the remaining screens, all of them being special:

  • Room 11: Animate Boris the spider. My approach would be to set an interval when I init the room and reset the room with each visit. It could be fairly easy and be done within 30 minutes if my plan works – if not, I would be stuck looking for other ideas. 
  • Room 12: The laser fence. If room 11 works, this one will be a matter of 1-2 minutes to implement. In fact, I would start with this one and then do room 11.
  • Room 17: The skeleton. Same as room 11 really, so again, no challenge if the original plan works.
  • Room 18: The code number. No idea yet how to implement that one. I’ve changed message data before, so it might be okay.
  • Room 19: Belegro. The hardest screen in the game will be the hardest screen to remake as well. Moving the boulder shouldn’t be complicated after I already completed room 11,12 and 17. I have no idea how the logic behind the movement of Belegro works though. I’m mostly concerned about the timing, which is essential here. If Belegro moves too fast, the game can not be completed. If Belegro moves too slow, it won’t be the same challenge. Most likely the last screen I will do for the game.
  • Room 20: The Treasure. Easy. I probably could do this one already, but I haven’t thought about how to implement the winning screen. Now that I think about it, that one might be the next room I finish.

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