Ghost Town: First successful playthrough

Yep. I made it. 
The last gameplay screen has been implemented and for the first time I am able to play the complete game from first to last room – everything included. I wasn’t sure I would ever reach this state, therefore the satisfaction is through the roof.

The code number room was pretty difficult for me. I didn’t want to fake the view or shortcut anything and keep using the original data, not so easy. Moreover, I was stuck for way too long with my KeyboardController. It was the only piece of code I got from somewhere and I had no idea why it kept failing. In the end I had to rewrite a good portion of it, make it a proper class and it worked. On the upside, solving this issue is beneficial for the other screens left to include, so that’s something. On the downside, the code I wrote in the last two days is most likely the ugliest piece of shit ever written by anyone. I’m not exaggerating.

So, the current state:

It looks like I’m almost done, but there’s heaps of issues to take care of

  • I still have no sound at all
  • The title screen and the intro screen need to be implemented
  • When the player dies, quit the game and go back to the title screen
  • Test if everything falls apart when playing multiple rounds
  • Include a better asset loader, mine is crap

And then there’s the additional stuff that I’d like to do

  • Include all screens for the German version
  • Create a proper start menu to choose between the versions
  • Eventually do a “trainer” with a cracktro
  • Setup a nice little page where the game can be played, including additional information, trivia and so on
  • Offer additional features, like an inventory, turn scanlines on/off, music on/off
  • do a proper code review to reduce the embarrassment this project will cause me
  • Provide a hint system

And finally there’s the awesome stuff I’d like to do (but might never)

  • Offer a color corrected version of the game
  • Offer a version with different charset
  • Do some nice artworks to download
  • redo the music for the C64
  • convert the game to the C64 (could be easier than this project)
  • Change the Display class to render to Three.js (making this game 3D)

The list is almost discouragingly long.
But for today, I’ve won another battle.
And that’s pretty damn cool.

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