Raspberry 64

I’m working on a new little hardware project. A Raspberry Pi 3 in a C64 case. Thanks to the Keyrah2 interface, you can even hook the original keyboard and make it work via USB. 

I got the basic setup up and running pretty fast, there’s no magic behind it. The keyboard of the C64 connects to the Keyrah2, which itself connects to the Pi3 via USB. 

There are several Linux Distributions out there that either have full emulator support (like the RetroPie) or focus on one vintage computer only and make the emulator boot at start. After trying out some options (I have a full RetroPie emulator already working on another Pi), I decided to setup my own configuration with Ubuntu Mate as a basis.

My ToDo list:

  • Finish Ubuntu Mate setup with Vice64 configured to start fullscreen
  • Make the Pollin Display work correct with the Pi3
  • eventually solder the USB connection to the Keyrah so that it’s not going out the case and back in anymore
  • Find a good solution to have sound playing from inside the case
  • Fix all moving parts properly inside the case
  • Clean the case and the keyboard
  • Fix the nonworking space bar
  • Eventually custom paint the case
  • …deal with tons of annoying problems on the way

So, another nice project that will keep me occupied for quite a while I suppose. Fun times!

My little project is almost completed, some issues with the USB hub left. I present you my custom painted C64c with a Raspberry Pi 3, internal audio and a Keyrah2 USB interface with internal wiring. I like it a lot!

Now I have a C64 with HDMI, 30GB of Hard Drive and WIFI 😉

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